Beyond Piano Lessons

Hey there~ so it occurred to me that most people assume I give “piano lessons” and I wanted to clarify. Yes, I teach via the piano and yes, I can teach you how to play the piano in whatever style you desire. But more importantly, I use the piano keyboard to teach a fundamental understanding of music that enables anyone on any instrument to develop their ear and give context to every song they hear/write. You want to pick up songs by ear and play them in any key? You want to be a better songwriter by learning how chords work so you can wield them properly? You want to take your guitar/bass playing to a whole new level with context? I can help turn you into a musician that uses music as a language, not just regurgitates what’s on the page with no deeper understanding. I meet musicians all the time who feel stuck or in a rut and it’s not just a shame, but totally unnecessary. Either you are not seeking help or are not finding the help you need. And I am here to provide that and much more.

Every song you know or hear should reveal things to you to illuminate your understanding of how chords/songs work. But I often hear musicians talk through songs chord by chord without context and they are needlessly ignorant to what is really going on. The truth is that every single song uses the same simple information and many of the differences people hear with an untrained ear are usually cosmetic: production, sound, instrumentation. I equate it to being lost in the frosting and unaware of the cake itself. When you properly learn what to listen for, every song will reveal itself to you and enable you to not just play it, but understand it and reinforce your understanding and ability to both write and interpret songs.

So yes, I do give lessons on the piano. But what I teach is so much more and can help musicians of ANY age to up their game. Feeling stale, stuck or frustrated? Let’s get you in the game and raise your trajectory to a higher plane! I have lesson packages available at and work via Skype/Facetime anywhere in the world. And I guarantee I will get you focusing on the right information while debunking the confusion and misinformation in your brain. Music is not as hard as you think it is!

Isn’t it time you become the musician you always wanted to be? As always, The Key of One is here to help!

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Playing Music is the Brain’s Equivalent of a Full-Body Workout

Playing music is “the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.” Seems that neuroscientists have discovered that when we listen to music, it activates many different parts of our brain, but when we play music, our entire brain functions symbiotically in a big way. it especially affects our visual, auditory and motor cortices, which makes sense as we are seeing, hearing and touching to make music. But what if you play with your eyes closed? If you do, you enable the brain to focus on the ear and hands and their relationship with the brain. In doing this, we discover that the visual sense in music can be a crutch, letting the ear get lazy on its duties and abilities. Practicing and/or improvising blindfolded may feel clumsy at first but try it and see if your ear will step up its game.

If you want to dig deeper into playing music, check out The Key of One book/DVD either here or on Amazon and get a jump start on your musical journey! As always, I’m here for lessons in person or via Skype.

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How Playing Music Benefits your Brain

There are so many great reasons to play an instrument, among them being the boosting of your brain power. In order to play piano, your brains two hemispheres work in tandem to create music. This functionality can be improved off the piano to bolster your playing on the piano. All you have to do is be aware and start to think about how we learn music and how we play music in a much more holistic way.

The Key of One can help you achieve your dreams and aspirations regardless of your aptitude with sheet music. The piano welcomes all if those who engage have the key~ and that’s what I provide with the Key of One. And if you’d like to step up and take lessons, I’m more than happy to teach you, as long as you’re motivated and prepared to put some time and focus into it. I do lessons via Skype and teach a worldwide clientele so no one is too far away. It is my goal that anyone who wants to play music can do so and I’m here to help you reach that goal simply and easily. And fun too!

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Is Music the Key to Success?

Is music the key to success? I would say most definitely yes! Below I’ve linked a great piece that connects music education to success in life. Your success in music depends on a few things, including your own expectations, plus the method in which you are taught. Sheet music (aka notation) is not necessary nowadays aside from the classical/orchestra world and yet traditionalism insists on students learning it. And at the same time, students don’t learn the more important information that gives them context for both notation and free playing, so they are lost with the sheet music as well as without it.

It’s like learning to speak without learning the alphabet and basic grammerl; you’re just regurgitating the music like a phonograph needle. However, if you gain a fundamental understanding and context by which to interpret and speak music, then whether you choose to use notation or not, you will understand the basic building blocks and how they are used. This can be easily taught and I’m happy to show you the way.

Are you ready to learn an instrument and start making music? The Key of One can help!

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How Music Can Make You Smarter

Studies show that music can help make you smarter and has great and positive effects on the mind. Besides the expression and catharsis that comes with playing music, there are many benefits to your brain functionality that carries over into all sorts of other areas. Similarly, there are many non-musical things that you can do to enhance your piano skills, such as juggling, for example. Building hand to hand coordination is crucial to the neural network that operates the piano. Similarly, since a piano is a percussion instrument, one can easily and effectively practice and learn percussion everywhere they are. Building your sense of rhythm and groove can be done off the piano anywhere you can tap your fingers and hands. It’s a powerful tool to get your playing in shape, as is learning the true language of music, which never gets rusty. You ready? There’s no better time to learn to play than right now!

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Do you know who invented the piano?

Interestingly enough, many people don’t know that it was Bart0lomeo Cristofori who had the foresight to create an instrument that would transform modern music and songwriting. Cristofori would have celebrated his 360th birthday this year and we are forever in his debt. Next time you sit down at the keys, think of old Bartolomeo, who could never have predicted his connection to you and your music so many centuries down the road. Hope you’re having a musical day~ if not, go play that piano and make it so!

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Welcome to Key Of One

post01Greetings and welcome to the brand new website for The Key of One, a notation-free approach to learning music that will unlock the music- and musician- within you! My name is Robbie Gennet and I’m here to teach you how to understand and play music. Learning music should be fun and easy and by taking away the sheet music, we can focus on the simple formulas that give us our basic scales and gain a foundation for learning anything you want to play. Though I mainly teach on piano, I can easily show you the fundamentals of music on guitar and bass as well. If you want to learn on your own, pick up a copy of The Key of One for yourself to get started playing music. It comes with a DVD inside where I run through the whole book with you and give you downloadable music to start to improvise to. If you’re ready for a more hands on approach, you can also sign up for lessons with me via Skype or in person in western Los Angeles county. Though I can teach children, The Key of One is geared for older students and adults. If you took lessons as a child but never really got into playing, I’d love to help you begin again from a fresh perspective that will allow you the freedom to be creative and the playing ability you always wished you had.

Music lessons should be fun and give you the tools to create a voice of your own. There is no better time to start learning how to discover your musical voice and play the music that you want to play. Let’s get started so I can show you how fun and easy learning music can be!

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Why can’t you play music?

I just posted a piece on the Huffington Post to discuss why it’s been so difficult for people to learn via traditional methods and how The Key of One can help anyone learn the basics of music. Check it out and pass it on:

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Welcome to The Key of One!

It’s here! After introducing The Key of One at the NAMM show in January, today I am proudly launching it to the public. Ten years in the works, this book/DVD will teach you the basics of music without using any sheet music at all and get you on the road to playing the music you want to play. To sweeten the deal, with every order I’ll include a free copy of my Fonogenic EP, not available anywhere else! I’d love to hear your feedback and look forward to seeing and hearing you play music. Thanks for visiting~ enjoy The Key of One!

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Welcome to the future home of The Key of One!

Next week we’ll be launching a website here for the new book/DVD The Key of One, by Robbie Gennet. Learn and understand music without notation and become the player you’ve always dreamed of! Check back soon… thank you!

In the meantime, find Robbie on Facebook at

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