Beyond Piano Lessons

Hey there~ so it occurred to me that most people assume I give “piano lessons” and I wanted to clarify. Yes, I teach via the piano and yes, I can teach you how to play the piano in whatever style you desire. But more importantly, I use the piano keyboard to teach a fundamental understanding of music that enables anyone on any instrument to develop their ear and give context to every song they hear/write. You want to pick up songs by ear and play them in any key? You want to be a better songwriter by learning how chords work so you can wield them properly? You want to take your guitar/bass playing to a whole new level with context? I can help turn you into a musician that uses music as a language, not just regurgitates what’s on the page with no deeper understanding. I meet musicians all the time who feel stuck or in a rut and it’s not just a shame, but totally unnecessary. Either you are not seeking help or are not finding the help you need. And I am here to provide that and much more.

Every song you know or hear should reveal things to you to illuminate your understanding of how chords/songs work. But I often hear musicians talk through songs chord by chord without context and they are needlessly ignorant to what is really going on. The truth is that every single song uses the same simple information and many of the differences people hear with an untrained ear are usually cosmetic: production, sound, instrumentation. I equate it to being lost in the frosting and unaware of the cake itself. When you properly learn what to listen for, every song will reveal itself to you and enable you to not just play it, but understand it and reinforce your understanding and ability to both write and interpret songs.

So yes, I do give lessons on the piano. But what I teach is so much more and can help musicians of ANY age to up their game. Feeling stale, stuck or frustrated? Let’s get you in the game and raise your trajectory to a higher plane! I have lesson packages available at and work via Skype/Facetime anywhere in the world. And I guarantee I will get you focusing on the right information while debunking the confusion and misinformation in your brain. Music is not as hard as you think it is!

Isn’t it time you become the musician you always wanted to be? As always, The Key of One is here to help!

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