On The Energy of Music and Waves


The Seven Deadly Performance Sins

There’s some good advice in this article, especially if you are new to the stage. Performing takes courage and a willingness to stumble in pursuit of the magic. You can’t get consumed with mistakes and beat yourself up over bumps in the road. Stuff happens and it’s your flexibility and adaptability that will save you every time. A sense of humor can only make things better and a sense of perspective and gratitude will enrich your sense of self and positively affect how you handle things as they happen. Flexibility and adaptability have saved be both onstage and out in the ocean when I bodyboard. Out there, it’s a matter of survival sometimes.

One of the great things I have learned from riding waves is that each time a waves rises towards you, there is only so much you can expect, as unpredictability is always a possibility in the ocean. As you ride a wave, everything behind you rushes away as you adjust in real time to a swirling vortex of reality ahead of you. It is the wave riders ability to flow in that zone that makes them a great rider. And you can’t look too far ahead but you must constantly assess what is coming your way to make decisions in real time; most built to instinct through experience. To be on a wave is to be of heightened alertness in the NOW, to be so present that there is only the moment, the rider, the wave.

The beautiful thing about the way energy moves through water is the way it grooms itself into sets, almost magnetically lining up into bands of waves that stay in formation as they travel. Water as a medium lies still without this energy that brings it to such life, such power. This energy is molecular, affecting water in tandem as one liquid medium. Now consider that the rider of a wave is made of about 60% water molecules, his brain and heart about 73%, and his lungs about 83%. When you are riding the wave, your body’s water molecules are subject to the same energy and power that the water around you is. Therefore to ride a wave is to BE the wave. It is an indescribable feeling and it is awesome in the true meaning of the word.

So think of music and its vibrations. Think of how sound carries across different medium. Think about the physical effect of sound vibrations on the human body. The vibrations from an acoustic pianos keys up the bones of the finger, radiating through the skeletal system. Energy and its vibrations are the stuff of life and we thrive on it. Whether it’s music or the ocean. may you soak up the waves and radiate your greatest vibrations!

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