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post01Greetings and welcome to the brand new website for The Key of One, a notation-free approach to learning music that will unlock the music- and musician- within you! My name is Robbie Gennet and I’m here to teach you how to understand and play music. Learning music should be fun and easy and by taking away the sheet music, we can focus on the simple formulas that give us our basic scales and gain a foundation for learning anything you want to play. Though I mainly teach on piano, I can easily show you the fundamentals of music on guitar and bass as well. If you want to learn on your own, pick up a copy of The Key of One for yourself to get started playing music. It comes with a DVD inside where I run through the whole book with you and give you downloadable music to start to improvise to. If you’re ready for a more hands on approach, you can also sign up for lessons with me via Skype or in person in western Los Angeles county. Though I can teach children, The Key of One is geared for older students and adults. If you took lessons as a child but never really got into playing, I’d love to help you begin again from a fresh perspective that will allow you the freedom to be creative and the playing ability you always wished you had.

Music lessons should be fun and give you the tools to create a voice of your own. There is no better time to start learning how to discover your musical voice and play the music that you want to play. Let’s get started so I can show you how fun and easy learning music can be!

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