How Playing Music Benefits your Brain

There are so many great reasons to play an instrument, among them being the boosting of your brain power. In order to play piano, your brains two hemispheres work in tandem to create music. This functionality can be improved off the piano to bolster your playing on the piano. All you have to do is be aware and start to think about how we learn music and how we play music in a much more holistic way.

The Key of One can help you achieve your dreams and aspirations regardless of your aptitude with sheet music. The piano welcomes all if those who engage have the key~ and that’s what I provide with the Key of One. And if you’d like to step up and take lessons, I’m more than happy to teach you, as long as you’re motivated and prepared to put some time and focus into it. I do lessons via Skype and teach a worldwide clientele so no one is too far away. It is my goal that anyone who wants to play music can do so and I’m here to help you reach that goal simply and easily. And fun too!

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