Is Music the Key to Success?

Is music the key to success? I would say most definitely yes! Below I’ve linked a great piece that connects music education to success in life. Your success in music depends on a few things, including your own expectations, plus the method in which you are taught. Sheet music (aka notation) is not necessary nowadays aside from the classical/orchestra world and yet traditionalism insists on students learning it. And at the same time, students don’t learn the more important information that gives them context for both notation and free playing, so they are lost with the sheet music as well as without it.

It’s like learning to speak without learning the alphabet and basic grammerl; you’re just regurgitating the music like a phonograph needle. However, if you gain a fundamental understanding and context by which to interpret and speak music, then whether you choose to use notation or not, you will understand the basic building blocks and how they are used. This can be easily taught and I’m happy to show you the way.

Are you ready to learn an instrument and start making music? The Key of One can help!

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