The History of Jazz Piano

This is truly superb, though incomplete~ where is Joe Sample? Richard Tee? Some giants are missing from this list~ otherwise, a great truncated timeline of piano music. Really interesting, entertaining and informative! How many of these players are you aware of?

There is a wonderful, rich history of jazz piano players, many of whom have deep catalogs and a lot of music you can hear. Finding out about people like James Booker, Roosevelt Sykes and Leon Russell had a huge impact on me. Perhaps some of your biggest influences are out there waiting to be discovered by you~ the more you search for, the more you will find. One of the most important traits of the successful musician is CURIOSITY. That is what compels you to dig and discover all sorts of new things (and old things too). If you haven’t been a curious person so far, time to stoke that fire! This video should at least make you think about what you’re missing…

“To me…music exists to elevate us as far as possible above everyday life.” ~ Gabriel Faure

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