Well-Known Classical Composers Final Pieces

This is a fascinating look at well-known classical composers final pieces~ an interesting concept to consider and some really intriguing music to seek out and absorb.



Back in the heyday of classical music, there were fairly strict rules to composing and the public’s tastes did not allow for much deviation. When composers faced the end of their lives, the music they created deviated more from popular trends. They took chances and let their inhibitions loose, creating some of the more interesting and sometimes strange music of their career, much of it worth seeking out.

“What edifying conclusions can we glean from all this? One is that when you’re an artist you go out doing what you do. After all, making things is a better way to spend your time than staring at the wall contemplating what little time you’ve got left.”

So how loud is your clock ticking? Time to get to work and make some music!

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