Don’t Get Distracted from your Music!


Make sure you’re not wasting too much time on social media! If you’re not spending more time at your instrument/craft, you are not going to evolve artistically. Facebook can be a time suck and as much as it’s necessary to build an audience/following, what works even better is making more compelling art~ write better songs, perform them better, work on your vision and skills and increase your abilities to make your dreams into reality. Better to leave a little mystery and get back in the lab~ all the game changers didn’t become that way by following everyone else. They fertilized their passion until it bloomed big.

Beginning musicians ask me “How do I become a better songwriter?” and I ask them “What great songwriters are you listening to and learning from?” Studying, listening and exposing yourself to great songwriters and their music doesn’t mean you have to copy them. But all of them left roadmaps across the chord matrix for you to learn from so you can illuminate those paths on your own understanding. Are you ready to up your game? The Key of One can give you the foundation to grow beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is dare…

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