The Beautiful Simplicity at the Heart of Music

There is always more to learn about music but I find that┬ástrangely enough, the more you learn, the less there is. What’s limitless is what you can do with it once you learn/use it like the language it is. Interested in becoming a true musician? The Key of One will set you on the right path with a solid understanding and foundation. From there, you can take it as far and deep as you want to go. As always, The Key of One is here to help you get your journey started no matter what instrument you play. It just so happens that learning to understand music by piano lessons gives you the best visual understanding of what music is, provided it’s taught well. Everyone should have access to the true knowledge of music, regardless of their desire to read notation i.e. sheet music. Isn’t it time you freed the music- and the musician- inside you?


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