On Writing Songs and Making Music

Check out this chart on Writing Myths. Substitute the word “song” for the word “myth” and use this for a songwriting challenge with yourself or your musical friends. It’s great to have ideas to spark your creativity~ are you up for the challenge? How do you spark your creativity?


Writing a song is a form of storytelling and to write a compelling story, a lot of elements have to come together. Language skills matter, both musically and lyrically. Learning new words and ideas is crucial to expanding one’s language skills. That includes the language of music, which should be improvisable as part of its innate language functions. If you can play off the page but cannot create music freely without it, you have a serious shortcoming. Creativity is an amazing impulse and leads to expression, catharsis and some groovy jams. The Key of One can help you learn to speak music and start the journey of a musical life. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

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