Music Education is not Just for Making your Brain Function Better

Just came across this article on music education and wanted to comment. This writer rightly rejects the idea of music education being sold only for it’s merits of helping you in other subjects rather than its true benefit of learning music and becoming a player. While music education has been shown to help students in a variety of other subjects and capacities, the understanding of music as a language is a wonderful pursuit in and of itself. The side benefit- not the main one- is that your brain works better for other things as well. But the magic of creating music and all the catharsis, expression, creativity and fun is a life-enriching experience that everyone should have access to. It is my goal that The Key of One’s notation-free approach helps open that door for ANY student interested in music~ not just the ones that “get” sheet music. After all, musical giants like Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley didn’t need notation to create and perform their incredible music. They would have never gotten into a traditional music school. Does that mean they are somehow lesser musicians? Not at all! I’ll end with a great quote from the author of this piece:

“With all that music can do just for us as listeners, why would we not want to unlock the secrets of expressing ourselves through it? We human beings are driven to make music as surely as we are driven to speak, to touch, to come closer to other humans. Why would we not want to give students the chance to learn how to express themselves in this manner?

Do you want to learn how to express yourself musically and understand the simple formula behind every song? The Key of One can help! Private instruction available in person in Los Angeles or by Skype worldwide.

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