Robbie Gennet

Robbie Gennet is an educator, multi-instrumentalist musician, singer/songwriter and journalist from Los Angeles, CA.

He's recorded and released his own music and toured worldwide as a sideman on keyboards vocals and guitar with acts as diverse as Lisa Marie Presley, Nick Lachey and Everclear.

An award-winning piano player, Robbie wrote numerous music books and hosted a piano DVD for publisher Hal Leonard and has written for major music magazines including Guitar Player, Bass Player and Keyboard Magazine, at which he is a long time senior contributing editor. He's also been blogging for the Huffington Post on music and socioeconomics since 2006. Robbie has just released his first solo album Green Tea & Blueberry Pie, available HERE. He has been teaching both privately and at Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA and is available for lessons via Skype worldwide.

His music can be found online at as well as on iTunes. The Key of One can also be found online at and

Robbie Gennet, Piano Teacher

Robbie with Pink


Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Harvey Mason (Fourplay), Phil Chen (Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart), Paul Barrere & Kenny Gradney (Little Feat), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band), Alan Parsons, Brett Scallions (Fuel), Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Eric Dover (Jellyfish, Sextus), Eric McFadden, Dada, X-Levitation Cult, Fishbone, Calton Coffee (Inner Circle) and Saigon Kick, among others.

XS Magazine on the Robbie Gennet Band:
"His reputation as a technical & creative wizard on the piano has made him popular in South Florida and given him a decent shot at achieving notoriety outside of our narrow borders. After all, rockers wailing away on the guitar are a dime a dozen; how many kick butt on a piano?"

Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel on Rudy:
"Forever funky and always whimsical, Rudy combines Cameo's vibe with Billy Joel's sonic penmanship to land with full force in a new & improved version of the Gap Band fronted by Homey the Clown of In Living Color. One wonders how disgruntled kids in Screeching Weasel T-shirts will adapt and, more importantly, react to something not built on the virtue of discontent?"

Street Magazine cover story on Pianarchy:
""He plays as if he's channeling the spiritual fingers of every genius musician you never heard of."

Swing Magazine on Rudy:
"Gennet is the Frank Zappa of South Florida."

The Music Review on Pianarchy:
"Robbie Gennet is the future of piano."

Ink19 on Pianarchy:
"You might never hear a piano the same way again."

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

Victor Hugo